Ways to Relax

After a long day at work, it can be hard to get your brain to turn “off” and allow yourself to relax. While there’s nothing like getting a great manicure or heading to happy hour with friends, there are plenty of ways to wind down that don’t involve spending too much or making plans in advance. Here are a few of my faves…

Watch a TV show you love. Sometimes I get so into a certain show that I think about it during the day at work and can’t wait to catch up where I left off (this totally happened when I got into Revenge and Scandal…I’m in need of some new recs now!). As silly as it sounds, focusing on characters’ lives can be distracting in a good way after a busy day in the office. Challenge yourself to get into your pajamas, brush your teeth, etc, by a certain time, and then let yourself plop down on the couch and enjoy an episode or two before going to bed.

Read. Mom was always right when she told you to hop into bed with a book at night! Similar to what I said above, getting caught up in a good story can be a great stress reliever, and you know what they say, putting electronics away before bed if possible will set you up for a better night’s sleep! Need some book recs? Check out my reading roundups here.

FaceTime a friend or loved one. Maybe you’re in a long distance relationship or just a long distance friendship or want to catch up with your sister or your mom because you’re feeling homesick. What to do? The answer is literally in the palm of your hand (haha, excuse the bad pun). Pick up your phone and catch up with your crew face-to-face for once!

Do something creative. Write a blog post. Complete a page or two in your adult coloring book. Make a card for your friend’s birthday instead of buying one. Knit, collage, or start planning out your gallery wall. A project that is creative (but not too messy, since cleaning up will only cause you more stress) is a great way to break out of your usual routine and make something cool in the process!

So there ya have it. Simple ideas, but they really work. What would you add?

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