Happy Chic

I think Jonathan Adler’s pieces capture my style better than probably any other designer. Every day when I wait for my third (!) bus home in the afternoon, I stand outside the Jonathan Adler shop in Georgetown (where the bus stop is located) and lust at everything in the window. They recently changed up the window display, so I’ve been treated to something new to stare at lately, haha.

As much as I love Jonathan Adler’s line, food and rent and other things kiiiind of take precedent at the moment and I don’t think I could really afford any of his furniture items. However, when I first moved to NYC three (wait, OMG) years ago, I discovered Adler’s “Happy Chic” line on J.C. Penney’s website (it’s also in stores) and was hooked. I purchased a few pieces for my apartment at the time but haven’t really paid much attention to the collection lately. I recently went on JC Penney’s website to check it out and see what’s new, and the items on there are awesome! If you’re into all things blue and white, preppy, and affordable, this is the collection for you. I mean, how cute is this classic pillow? Better yet, a few of the items on sale and you may be able to dig deeper for additional JC Penney coupon codes.

Have you purchased any Happy Chic pieces before?

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