Feeling Like Fall

Feeling Like Fall

It’s finally fall! Sure, I may complain a bit when I get out of the car in the mornings (the heater has been my best friend lately…), but fall also means Halloween, football games (I’ll be watching my first big college football game at WVU in November), and most importantly, pumpkin patches.

Last Sunday, my friend and I took a trip to an orchard about 40 minutes outside of DC and had a blast. We spent most of our time exploring the little “country store” where we purchased tons and tons of fall treats, including kettle corn, apple butter, apple cider donuts (we sampled both glazed and sugar-coated), and more. We even tried apple cider slushies which were delicious! I picked up some funky-looking pumpkins and white gourds that are now decorating my living room, and on the way home, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and grabbed a few more fun pumpkin-flavored items for the week.

Feeling Like Fall

In the fall, I basically live in this jacket from J.Crew, and many of my friends own the same one! I purchased this coat during my senior spring in college and it’s held up extremely well over the past three years. I originally got it because I loved how Barbour jackets looked but couldn’t trust myself with one at the time. I didn’t realize how popular the J.Crew coat was when I ordered it — I only knew one other girl who had it — but now I see it everywhere! Hey, it’s popular for a good reason!

Hoping to wrap myself in a blanket scarf as cooler days approach…this one is a great (and super affordable) option if you’re looking for one yourself.

Happy fall, friends!

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