It’s time for a Q&A…

It’s time for a Q&A…

Because you’re obviously itching to know the answers to these questions 😉 Leave me a comment with your responses!

Signature emoji: Brunette girl with arms crossed. I even have the cutest print of this hanging up in my living room!

Catchphrase: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” That being unnecessary commitments, drama, and the like. My mom and sister and I say this to one another all the time!

Biggest weakness: Golden retrievers. Duh.

Food guilty pleasure: If we’re talking about junk food, I’ll admit I’ve been addicted to pickle-flavored chips lately. I know it sounds weird, but they’re so good! Raspberries are also a guilty pleasure just because they can be so expensive and a carton only lasts me one sitting.

Starbucks drink of choice: I’m pretty simple and like a regular coffee with a pump of hazelnut for flavor. I’d order this all the time during my semester in Scotland when I wanted a taste of home!

It’s brunch time. Do you go for sweet or savory? Savory for days. Love a good egg white omelet!

Country or city? I’m a city girl (unless we’re talking about music!)

Favorite song of the moment: I’m going to go with the entire Grease soundtrack. Such good pump-up music and who doesn’t like a fun throwback?

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