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Office Party

Office Party

Do you ever work from home? One of my friends does full time, and another negotiated to work from home one day a week. I believe that regardless of your work situation, having a cute office space where you can crank out everything from quick emails to larger projects is a must. Even if you never, ever can imaging doing work work from your apartment, you likely have personal tasks to take care of at home…paying bills, scheduling appointments, and the like. So you may as well carve aside at least a small area to do just that!

I mentioned before that in my apartment I decided to make a little “office” area for myself in what was supposed to be a dining nook. While admittedly I still do most of my work/blogging in my living room or on my bed, it’s nice to have a formal area where I can sit down and just plug away if needed. If you don’t have room for a desk, you can still fill a little box full of office supplies/essentials (such as tape, stationery, stamps, checks, a mini stapler, and a couple of pens and pencils) and access that as needed. But if you do have a little extra room, have fun with it! Stock your home office with cute desk supplies you’d never imagine using at the office or are too pretty to stash in your cubicle (there’s a time and a place for my dog-shaped tape dispenser, and I think that place is at home). Below, shop some of my favorite picks:

If you have a memo board, these pink ampersand push pins (I mean…be cuter) are a must.

While these likely aren’t office appropriate, drink-shaped paper clips add some whimsy to your home workspace.

Who says this gold marble brush holder has to be used for makeup supplies? It would look equally cute on a desk holding pens and pencils. Likewise, this matching ring dish could double as a place to store paper clips or loose change.

A motivational print or wall hanging that isn’t too cheesy can be hard to find…but I’m pretty sure this one nails it. Thoughts?

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