One of my friends moved to a new apartment this summer and has been looking for a queen-sized headboard. I honestly was shocked how expensive headboards were when I was first looking and was excited to find mine at Target. It was still expensive in my opinion, but compared to all of the $$$ ones out there, many people would consider it a good deal. It’s held up really well and matches with lots of different types of decor and color schemes (I would know since I redecorate all the time! But I’ve also seen it in many different rooms on various blogs and on Pinterest). I actually can’t find the link to the exact product, so it’s possible it’s been discontinued, but the image above is exactly what mine looks like.

Since I purchased mine about a year and a half ago, I’ve spotted several cute options both on Craigslist and other websites (World Market has some adorable–although expensive–options, for one). I thought I would do a little roundup below in case anyone else is looking for a cute headboard without breaking the bank. Let me know which one is your favorite or if you have any shopping tips. I know people who have made their own headboards with cute fabric, but from what I can tell, it sounds like a lot of work!


One//Two//Three//Four//Five//Six (this last one is a splurge item, but I couldn’t resist!)

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