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Feeling a little uninspired at the grocery store lately? I get it. Now that pumpkin spice season has come and gone and you’ve tried basically every appetizing pumpkin-based product on the Trader Joe’s shelves, it’s time to find some new options…I’ve got you covered with the below ideas!

Clementines. Even the smell reminds me of winter. Clementines are perfect because 1) they’re almost always juicy (unlike oranges, which can sometimes be kind of dry) and 2) they’re super portable if you want to tote a few (or five) in your work bag for an afternoon snack.

Carrot chips and guac. Love guac but feel guilty binging on chips? I’m with ya. I spotted a bag of carrot chips at Whole Foods the other day and thought they’d be perfect for dipping (or, you know, regular carrots will do the trick too, but I like the texture on these).

Brussels sprouts. Why spend the $ on getting them in your salad at Sweetgreen if you can make them at home? (Ok, they taste way better at Sweetgreen, but they’re totally in season right now and easy to roast in your own oven). They make the perfect addition to any dinner.

Cheese cubes. So what if they remind you of kindergarten just a bit…cheese cubes are delicious, pre-cut, and great for entertaining. I picked up a small container of cheddar cubes the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were cheaper than buying a whole block of cheese (sometimes they can be a bit expensive, so check the price before you buy!). Yummy and filling for a quick snack.

Halo Top. I know it isn’t really ice cream season, but I think we can all agree that it’s always an ok time for Halo Top. You’ve probably spotted the cute jars all over Instagram, but if you haven’t, here’s the, uh, scoop. At only 300 calories or so per pint, this super trendy ice cream won’t ruin your post-holiday (or pre-holiday!) diet.

What’s on your shopping list? I’m always up for suggestions.

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