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Rocking a wristlet

Rocking a wristlet


Finding an ideal going out bag can be tough. You obviously want to look stylish and it’s nice to have an option that matches a bunch of different pieces, but is it really worth dropping $$$ on something that will likely get suffer spills and be tossed on sticky bar counters (I’m looking at you, oh-so-beautiful Tory Burch crossbody)?

Lately a bunch of my friends have been gravitating toward wristlets or clutches rather than crossbodys, and I have to say, I’m kind of getting into this look! There are so many cute, affordable options out there that I may have to follow suit… 😉 And guess what store has too many adorable options to count? T.J. Maxx, of all places! Take a look at the roundup above and let me know which is your favorite one! I spotted a similar clutch with a charging component in Francesca’s the other day and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yes, it’s basically the same concept as sticking a portable charger in your bag, but the built-in element makes it impossible to forget to grab this handy little piece before going out. Oh, technology, you just get better and better…


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