Bye Florida//Nordstrom Sale is BACK

Bye Florida//Nordstrom Sale is BACK

Whew! It seems like just yesterday that the internet was freaking out about Nordstrom’s half yearly sale, and now it’s back again! It also seems like just yesterday that I left for vacation in Florida…I’m flying back today and am ready to head back to work after a relaxing week with family. I’m also excited for NYE and returning to friends in the city. It’s the little things!

Anyway. What’s great about Nordstrom is that so many of their items are classic and suitable for everyday use. As much fun as it is to stock up on seasonal gear, I get the most use out of year-round items like crossbody bags, flats, and cardigans. Nordstrom has some great options in all of these areas, and I’m excited to share my finds with you all:

Blush is so in right now, and this crossbody looks both roomy and stylish. Plus, it’s under $20.

I would scoop up these ballet flats in both colors (if I needed them, which I don’t!), because they’re such a staple.

Who can say no to a cute gold, polka dotted mug for $3?

I’ve, like me, you’ve been wanting to re-try the choker trend for awhile, this option won’t cost you much.

This earring set is so Kate Spade!

Go simple with a classic clutch.

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