In 2016, I…

In 2016, I…

I’m writing this from bed and am hoping the cold I have will clear up a bit before NYE…ugh! Since the end of year has me, like everyone else, in a reflective mood, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the highlights of 2016 (since it can sometimes be difficult for all of us to remember the positive aspects of the year!).

In 2016, I…

Completed my master’s in higher education. I started graduate school at what ended up being a very difficult time in my life personally, and I’m very proud of myself for completing an intense, one-year program during what was often a stressful year. If you’re considering grad school yourself, check out this post or feel free to email me with questions! My program provided me with a fresh start, a new city, and paved the way for my current career, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Started reading more. Even in graduate school, I tried making time to read for pleasure, and it’s been wonderful! In New York City I rarely read after work (too many distractions!), and now I’m doing a better job (although I could definitely benefit from putting my phone/laptop away more frequently and picking up a book at night). I’ve loved writing book reviews on the blog and sharing my favorite reads with you all, and I’ll definitely keep doing so next year.

Worked as a hostess after finishing graduate school. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t beat myself up a bit for not having a job lined up the moment I graduated. However, this ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I was able to take on some different types of roles while in the process of interviewing for my current position, which began in July. Until I moved back to DC, I was living in my grad school apartment in Philly. In June, I worked part-time in a few offices at Penn and hostessed at a nearby restaurant at night. I absolutely loved hostessing, and even though I only did it for a short time, I am so glad that I’ve now developed a skill that will always come in handy should I need part-time work. I also now firmly agree with the belief that everyone should work in the service industry at one point. Both of my parents have also worked in restaurants when they were younger–my mom was a banquet waitress and my dad had been both a dishwasher and a short-order cook! I honestly loved the social aspect of the job (I think my friends got tired of my gushing about it!), learned so much about different types of people, and developed a lot of transferrable skills (not to mention a new favorite Pandora station, aka our brunch playlist!). I also loved when friends and prospective Penn students stopped by the restaurant–making conversation for 10 paces was never easier 😉

Started this blog! I have read blogs forever (I became addicted to several the summer after my freshman year of college) and finally took the plunge to start my own (I did have a short-lived fashion blog in college, but interior design is where my true blogging passion lies). Some days I haven’t been super motivated to update my blog (I’d rather just come home from work and read other people’s, haha!), but I’m hoping to keep posting steadily next year. While I’m certainly starting small, I have really enjoyed writing posts so far (what better excuse to online window shop?!) and meet other bloggers online and via Instagram. Here’s to some real life meet-ups in 2017! Thank you to everyone who’s read, liked, commented, etc–it means a lot!

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