Gifts for the Working Girl

Gifts for the Working Girl

I was browsing Nordstrom the other day and came across the cutest items in the “gifts” section but then realized…so many of them are perfect to give to the girl starting her first (or a new) job. I mean, did any of these adorable things exist when I was graduating from college? They’re too cute…and at this point, graduation season will be here before any of us know it (second semester always seemed to go by faster than first semester, does anyone else agree?). Stock up and gift away come May, or if you’re a soon-to-be grad, bookmark this page for yourself!

1. Reusable tote//I’ve mentioned before that I always like to keep a reusable shopping tote in my work bag, mainly because DC charges tax on plastic bags and nice to save that extra change (and be kind to the environment) while shopping! While I have plenty of totes and large reusable bags that will do the job, this option is great because it folds up so nicely in your backpack or purse. You would never know that you’re carrying around an extra bag, but once you do need one, it’s a great size and holds a lot. No more walking home from the grocery store with plastic bags breaking and canned goods rolling down the sidewalk…not that I would know what that’s like…. 😉

2. Business card holder//Business cards are a funny thing. I received mixed feedback about using them while still in school, but in the professional world, I think they’re fair game, and it’s always good to be prepared! If you work in the media industry and attend lots of press previews or other events outside the office that can double as networking opportunities, just throw this baby in your bag and you’ll be squared away!

3. Lip Balm//There’s nothing like lip balm that’s also a bit luxurious, and this three-pack will come in handy! Keep one container in your desk drawer, one in your bag, and one on your nightstand, and voila, you’ll always be prepared.

4. Pinch Coffee Kit//Perfect for the girl who’s all about the informational interviews and coffee dates. Just throw this in your purse and you’ll be all prepared for back-to-back Starbucks meetings.

5. Coffee Mug//A reusable tumbler is a must for any working girl, and this one is both cute and classy. I have probably four tumblers that I use religiously and it’s nice to be able to sip coffee in the car on the way to work without spending $$. Now if only DC would allow coffee on public transportation!

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