An Easy Gift Idea

An Easy Gift Idea

Need a gift for the funny girl in your life? I’m still super pleased with one of the Christmas presents I put together for my sister–she loved it! With Valentine’s Day coming up, this would be an adorable gift to give to your BFF (or anyone else who is the Amy Poehler to your Tina Fey!).

I had long seen this card during my (very frequent) trips to Paper Source, and I always thought it was hilarious. I love both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but my sister, an avid SNL watcher, is an even bigger fan of the duo. When it came time to think of Christmas gift ideas, I had the perfect idea–why not give her a copy of each comedian’s book and pair it with the card? Creative, personal, budget-friendly, and easy to transport = the perfect gift in my opinion!

My sister has already started reading through Tina’s book, and I’ve read both before–go check them out from the library ASAP if you haven’t read them yet!

If the funny girl in your life isn’t a huge reader, you could alternatively pair the card with a Sisters DVD (kind of kicking myself for not thinking of that idea earlier!). Or, honestly, the card itself would look adorable in a frame. I’m all about keeping cards on display, and this one would definitely be a conversation starter!

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