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If You Liked…You’ll Love

If You Liked…You’ll Love

I keep coming across things that I want to share, so I thought I’d start a “If You Liked…You’ll Love” series so that I can recommend some of my favorite things as of late!

If You Liked…”Younger”…You’ll Love…”Manhattan Love Story.” My friend and I used to love watching “Manhattan Love Story” when we lived in NYC, and we were so bummed when the show didn’t get renewed. However, it’s currently available on the ABC website, so watch away! I always found it funny that the main character is played by the same actress who played the babysitter in “Crazy Stupid Love.” It took me and my friend forever to pinpoint who it was, because she looks so different here! The show is super cute and kind of what you’d expect in terms of a show about 20-somethings living in NYC. Just like “Younger,” it’s a fun show with lots of realistic elements (although some not-so-much. Seriously, how are these apartments so amazing?!).

If You Liked…The Girl on the Train…You’ll Love…The Woman in Cabin 10. I just finished The Woman in Cabin 10 and it really reminded me of The Girl on the Train. Has anyone else read both and noticed similarities? Either way, they’re both great books if you’re into mysteries.

If You Liked…Beauty Subscription Services…You’ll Love…Target’s Beauty Boxes. I may have mentioned this on here before, but Target releases new beauty boxes each month and they’re super affordable ($10 or less for a large sampling of products). The boxes do sell out pretty quickly each month and the samples are just that, samples, but who doesn’t love receiving something fun in the mail and trying out new products? This is a great alternative if you loved other beauty subscription services but don’t want high prices or a long-term commitment. With the Target box, have to order the box yourself each month; you aren’t automatically billed. This makes it easy to try out new products when you feel like it and save money during months where cash is a bit tighter.

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