The Latest

The Latest

Long time, no talk! I blame it on the fact that I had an amazing time at a friend’s wedding in Palm Beach last weekend and have been trying to get things back on track ever since. Oh, vacation…why do you have to end? While I normally like to have jam-packed weekends, some quiet time at home was just what I needed these past few days.

After going out with a friend on Friday night, a relaxing Saturday (doing everything while also kind of doing nothing) was exactly what I needed. I finished a work project, worked on an online feature that I can’t wait to share with you all in a few weeks (!), and watched the first episode of “So Cosmo,” the tv show about Cosmopolitan Magazine. I wasn’t sure what to expect having worked in the magazine industry in NYC myself, but I really liked the show. Of course parts seem a bit scripted, but the characters all have a ton of personality, and Joanna Coles kind of reminds me of…Anna Wintour? Has anyone else watched?

I’ve also caught up on some of my favorite blogs and now have some new beauty items on my radar that I hope to try. This lip scrub is one of them, and this time of year, it’s certainly a must have! I’m also curious about these caffeine makeup wipes and hope to pick some up at Sephora this week to see what all the fuss is about!

Happy Sunday, all!

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