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What to Bring to a Wedding

What to Bring to a Wedding


Let me preface this post by saying that I’m no expert…I recently attended my first-ever “friend wedding” and am going to one more in April, so it’s not as though I have years of wedding guest experience under my belt. Additionally, not all of you will be staying in a house with nine other girls during said trips…so some of these tips may not apply to you! However, if you are traveling to a wedding or another big event with a big group of friends, this post is for you!

When my college friends and I attended a wedding in Palm Beach earlier this month, we all stayed in an Airbnb that was centrally-located, spacious (enough), and close to the airport. For the most part, we were thrilled with the place we chose (sure, some of the sleeping arrangements were a little cramped, but the homeowner had a MASSAGE CHAIR in the living room. I mean, can you beat that?!). Staying in a house with nine girls and one guy meant that we had to adequately plan out bathroom time (there were only two showers in the house) to ensure that everyone had enough time to get ready (we wanted to look our best, after all!). However, there were plenty of mirrors/outlets to do hair and makeup, which did make the process easier.

With that said, bringing your own hair straightener/curler/dryer/whatever you use is key. Sure, you probably don’t need nine hairdryers in a house, but it’s nice not to depend on using someone else’s products (and her own getting ready schedule) when preparing for a big event. Coordinate with friends beforehand to see who is bringing what–four or five hairdryers is likely more than enough, but it’s better than only having one or two in the house!

Snacks. We were in Palm Beach, not the middle of nowhere, so we were able to pick up some personal and sharable snacks to last us the duration of the weekend. However, power bars (I love KIND and Luna) are super easy to bring from home and will come in handy whether you’re out and about sightseeing, looking for a cheap, quick breakfast, or need an afternoon snack before getting ready for a dinner or cocktail event. Weddings are filled with alcohol-related events, and if you’re unsure how much food will be served, you’ll definitely want to show up with something in your stomach! Plus, since I’m used to eating lunch around 11 am during the work week, bars definitely helped tide me over until our group ventured out for food around 2 pm after a morning at the beach.

Makeup. This should be a given, but while it’s always a blast to take advantage of your friend’s amazing makeup skills, do not use her products! Bring your own, and have your stylist friend make you over. It’s much more sanitary than using someone else’s stuff.

A book or magazine. Normally on vacation, I’ll bring at least five books (not kidding) because I love to relax and catch up on my to-read list. However, I knew that when traveling for the wedding, I wouldn’t be spending the weekend with my nose in a book, because when else was I going to see all of my friends at once?! However, a few of us did enjoy bringing books and magazines to the beach (and on the airplane, of course), and traveling with reading from home will prevent you from spending $20+ at an airport bookstore.

Regionally-appropriate items. Oftentimes a wedding is taking place in a completely different area or climate. I definitely messed up here, and I blame it on packing my suitcase for Florida in the middle of winter! A bunch of us totally forgot to bring beach towels, so we ended up using bath towels from the Airbnb, which worked out ok but meant doing a few loads of laundry to ensure we also had enough clean towels for showering. I totally blanked on sunscreen and picked some up at the grocery store (which was fine, because I couldn’t have packed it in my carry on luggage anyway). Thankfully I bring sunglasses everywhere I go, so I did have those!

Anything you’d add to this list?

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