Six Months of Blogging

Six Months of Blogging

I’ve officially been blogging for over six months now (woo!). Am I anywhere close to where I wanted to be by this point? Omg, no. As someone who is very goal-oriented and number-driven, it can be discouraging to look at my Google Analytics or following on social media–numbers that are minuscule compared to “real” bloggers or even other bloggers who have started out more recently. But that’s ok. For me, blogging is a hobby, and a very fun one at that. There are some weeks where I bust out post after post, and there are other weeks when all I want to do after work is either 1) finish an assignment for my job or 2) work out, watch Netflix, read, and be in bed by 10:30 pm (or even just do one of those things). I also have the most energy around 9 or 10 am. I always kind of envy full-time bloggers who can write their posts at that time of day, but for me, that just isn’t feasible!

I started subscribing to Blogging for Keeps last fall, and they raised one point that really resonated with me. Honestly, when I first subscribed, I didn’t think any of their advice would apply to me at that point. But, Jess and Blair said something along the lines of this: “No matter how small your following is, think about how you would feel if you were in a room reading your posts aloud to that many people.” As someone who used to get major anxiety presenting in front of a group of even 10 people who I knew very well, this statement really stuck with me. Reading my posts aloud to a room (even a small room) of strangers? Yikes!

What would you like to see on the blog going forward? I’d love to do some more outfit posts if I can find someone to shoot them, but man, those do seem tiring! I was exhausted after having my apartment shot a few weeks ago, and I was barely in any of the pictures! Stay tuned for a February book roundup coming soon, and of course, more decor-related posts. But I’m open to new ideas, too, and would love to hear from ya!

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