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Wedding Guest Dress Shopping…Continued

Wedding Guest Dress Shopping…Continued

I’ve written a few other posts about shopping for wedding guest dresses, but I checked out a few more stores last Monday on my day off, and here’s what I found…

While I had originally ordered a dress on Poshmark for the wedding that I’m attending in April, I just didn’t like how it looked and decided to save it for another occasion. It was inexpensive enough and I’ll find another time to wear it, but I didn’t want to wear something I’m not crazy about when I know there will be tons of pictures!

Sounds silly, yes, but I’m definitely the photographer among my group of friends (we’re talking iPhone quality, people!) and I know there will be tons of pictures taken on the night of the wedding. Hence my reason for buying a cheap dress. If I don’t plan on wearing something again anytime soon (or possibly at all), why spend more than $50? Of course, many people feel differently, but this is just my philosophy and honestly, having a price range makes it that much easier to narrow down choices.

On Monday, I decided to check out a few stores around DC. I didn’t find anything great at TJ Maxx, for maybe, like, the first time in my life. I tried on a couple of the dresses that were available in my size (there were limited choices overall) and they just weren’t flattering. I’ve found other cute dresses at TJ Maxx before, as have some of my friends, so I figured it was worth a look, but I just didn’t have luck this time.

I then went to Nordstrom Rack, where there was a huge Presidents Day sale going on. I tried on dress after dress, but many of the ones in my normal size were just too big when I put them on or again weren’t flattering. Even when I sized down, things just didn’t look right. I was bummed, too, because some of the dresses would’ve been a steal!

I finally decided to check out Buffalo Exchange, and after trying on a variety of items, I settled on a J.Crew dress two sizes smaller than my usual size. This makes me really glad that I didn’t try to order anything from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory online, because I never would’ve ordered this size when in reality, it ended up working out best. Stores like J.Crew and LOFT can be so unpredictable for me size-wise, so I’m glad I had the chance to just try something on in person and not have to worry about returns. Better yet, the dress was 50 percent off (final sale), and as I was checking out, I spotted a cute necklace that looked adorable with it! Grand total? About $34. Yup, that’s right, $34 for a J.Crew dress AND a fun necklace. Buffalo Exchange, I think we’re going to get along very well.

Glad I can cross that task off my to-do list! Where do you all like to shop for wedding guest dresses?

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