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How to Stay on Top of Your Sh*t

How to Stay on Top of Your Sh*t

Ok, disclaimer: I definitely have moments where I’m not at ALL on top of my sh*t. But because I get motivated reading about other people’s organization tips, I figure you all may feel the same way. We can all learn from each other, right?! Nothing groundbreaking here, but these are a few ways I stay on top of things around the apartment and beyond:

Bill Paying: I am probably the most old-fashioned bill payer ever, but here goes. I keep all of my bills clipped on my fridge with a magnet from my university (so glamorous, I know), but I never forget about them because I see them several times a day! I also pay most of my bills via mail because I’m 80 there can often be fees associated with paying with a card online, and sometimes it’s just easier to toss something in the mailbox (make sure you know that the mail in that mailbox is actually getting picked up, and be sure to stick a stamp on firmly…not that this has ever been an issue for me 😉 …).

Outfit Planning: When I was in middle school, I would actually write down all of my outfits for the coming week on a sheet of notebook paper (yet somehow I’m not a fashion blogger…hmm) so that I could keep track of what I was wearing and be prepared in advance (middle school started early, guys!). My cousin actually did the same thing, but she would keep the paper after the week was over to make sure she didn’t repeat outfits later. We were fashionistas, y’all. I also used one of those sweater hangers (with the different slots) to lay out my clothes for the week; I had a separate compartment for each day. Maybe this will inspire you? But currently, I follow a much simpler method and sometimes lay out outfits in my closet or just think of a few go-to options (depending on what I have clean). I’ll then set out my clothes the night before so that I can grab them in the morning (because my job now starts even earlier than middle school…cringe!).

How to Stay on Top of Your Sh*t

Social Calendar: I use my trusty Lilly planner to record both work events and assignments as well as social events. If I have an upcoming date, happy hour, girls night, etc, I’ll write it down so that it’s on my radar (this can also help with budgeting for the week!). I know some people swear by Google or Outlook calendars, but I’m a pen and paper gal (see a theme here?). I also use the notes section on my phone to keep track of this and that…errands I need to run, things to buy, books I want to read…and it’s always helpful to quickly jot down information there if I don’t have a pen with me.

Hair Styling: I try (read: try) to look somewhat presentable and straighten my hair every day, and showering at night (which works out great since I do evening workouts) makes it super easy to get ready in the morning without having to shower/blowdry/straighten all at once. Blow drying my hair before bed or letting it dry while I sleep has really been a HUGE time saver when it comes to getting ready. I don’t know how people can do it all in the morning without waking up super early!

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