Drooling over DSW

Ok, so I never thought I’d be saying this because 1) I’m not really a shoe person (I know) and 2) DSW is just one of those big chain stores, right? However, they have some awesome stuff that’s both affordable and on-trend. Seriously, I want it all! Think scallops, springy styles, classic work totes, and more…

It all started with these shoes, which I spotted in an issue of Real Simple (such a good magazine) that I was reading on the plane the other day. I made a mental note to look them up online when I landed (they were listed as $39 in the magazine) because they were too cute. Well, what do you know? They’re actually on sale for $19! I quickly clicked add to cart (oh, and they come in black, too) and arranged to pick them up at my local store, because I’ll do anything and everything to avoid shipping costs. Will report back once I get ’em!

I’d heard of the Kelly and Katie brand before and immediately went to check out their other stuff. Omg, this tote, y’all. Need. I can’t decide if coral or black is better? I’m thinking black is more classic and versatile, but the coral kind of reminds me of this Kate Spade option. The light pink would be cuter if it looked more like the shoe color, but here it looks tan-like and also seems like it would show dirt faster. Leaning toward black at the moment, but either way, it’s super cute and only $34!

And below, a few other adorable finds…

Drooling over DSW


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