20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me

I love when bloggers do these kinds of posts (because let’s face it, I’m nosy!). Since my blog is still very new, there’s a lot that I wanted to share that didn’t really belong in a regular post…so here goes!

1) My sister and I are nearly six years apart, so I pretty vividly remember walking into the hospital room and meeting her for the very first time. I also got to help pick out her name!

2) When I was younger, I used to religiously plan out my outfits days in advance.

3) I didn’t travel outside of North America until I was 20 years old! My family spent some time traveling around England and Wales one summer, and then I ended up studying abroad in Scotland my junior year. I traveled around to Paris, Prague, and London to make up for lost time.

4) When I was growing up, my dad was a college professor, so he had very flexible work hours and took the summers off. He’d run a makeshift “camp” for me and my best friend, taking us on bike rides and the like. My dad eventually ended up working with my best friend’s dad (and on top of that, we were next door neighbors!), which ended up being a blast, because their company hosted a lot of family-friendly work trips and we got to travel together several times. My dad is still at the company today, and my friend’s dad retired a few years ago

5) On my mom’s side, I’ve had ancestors in the US since the early 1600s (and one who was on the Mayflower), but my dad is a half first-generation American!

6) I started reading blogs religiously in 2010 but didn’t start my own until 2016 (minus a short-lived fashion blog in college!) I actually had so much fun writing it during my senior spring and rediscovered all of my outfit profile posts the other day…they’re still available here!

7) Growing up, I also always loved playing school with my friends (yes, even up to age 12 or so). One of my friends got her own overhead projector for Christmas once year, and it was a huge hit.

8) I was extremely introverted until I was maybe 20/21 years old. I still highly value alone time, but I really, really enjoy doing social activities and love hosting friends at my apartment

9) Most of my close friends from college are people I’ve known since the first few days of school! I met two of my closest friends on the actual first day, and we still tolerate each other seven-plus years later!

10) I never had a college roommate “horror story.” I lived with roommates for only two years (again, huge introvert at the time!) and both were very clean, polite, and studious. I’m thankful I missed out on that difficult part of college life!

11) But speaking of roommates….When I lived in New York City as an intern between my junior and senior years of college, I shared an apartment with three other girls. We were all working at magazines with various start times, yet getting ready in the morning was as chaotic as you’d imagine. Some days I’d have to brush my teeth at the office because I’d barely get more than few minutes to use the bathroom each morning (thank goodness for turning my NYU dorm room desk into a makeshift vanity)! I shared a dorm room with one other girl, and we had the biggest closet (it was a huge walk-in and you could legitimately fit an air mattress in there–not that we tried ;)…), so one of the other girls also kept some clothing in there. She’d have to creep in and grab things each morning, which definitely helped e wake p! I also was the only one in our suite (and pretty much in our entire intern class) who wasn’t yet 21, so while everyone went out to bars on Saturday nights, I sat at home and watched my roommate’s Sex and the City DVDs. So sad! But we were living/going out right near NYU, and bars there carded heavily. Thank goodness for college friends who made weekend trips in and kept me company! I did turn 21 in August and had a fun-filled birthday week with my roommates and friends who came up.

12) I’ve always been terrible at drinking water during the day and am still struggling, despite buying cute water bottles and stocking up on seltzer. Help is always appreciated!

13) In college, I was almost always the tallest of my friends and was so self conscious about it (I’m 5’7″, and they were all 5’5″ and below, but several were 5’2″ and 5’0″!). Thank goodness for chilly Maine winters and lots of snow…I could usually get away with wearing flats to formal events because they were more practical than heels anyway! Now, in the “real world,” I’ve realized I’m not that tall and don’t notice it so much.

14) I’ve always loved magazines. In middle school and high school, I probably subscribed to between five and 10 publications at any given time. But what sets me apart from most magazine lovers is that I’d cut them up and collage them after (I know…) rather than saving my precious issues for all of eternity…but I love collaging and had a blast doing so.

15) I still don’t have my driver’s license, and I hate talking about it. Even writing it on here is super embarrassing. I always tell my mom that I’d rather she talk to her friends about my romantic life than my lack of license (I’m serious!). And when people ask me when I’m going to get my license, I’m reminded of the days in high school when friends and relatives would ask when I was going to get my braces off…ugh! But I promise you, it’ll happen eventually. I just have zero hand/eye coordination whatsoever and little desire to learn since I’m a #citygirl. But yes, I realize that being a full-fledged adult often requires having access to a car. I know.

16) I am NOT at all a snob when it comes to buying basic household products like toilet paper (writing this is making me think of Legally Blonde, ha!), detergent, and hand soap. I know some people who are picky about these products, but you can bet I buy whatever is on sale (I’ve scored detergent for $1.99 at CVS before, and trust me, it works just. fine.).

17) I love the tomato soup at Safeway, and if you haven’t tried it before, go. It’s a cheap, easy dinner and tastes just like the Cosi version.

18) I played soccer from first through twelfth grade (my dad was our coach!). I brought my cleats to college with the intention of maybe playing on an intramural team, but they ended up staying under my bed all year.

19) Another workout related fact: I love spinning but am TERRIBLE at it (at least when it comes to Flywheel). I’m so, so weak, but I still love getting a great workout, listening to fun muisc, and burning a TON of calories (I still get pretty sweaty even though I’m generally one of the worst in the class power-wise!). SoulCycle is a lot more fun for me–I feel like I can actually keep up and stay in rhythm well, and I leave happy (thanks, endorphins!). Flywheel sometimes feels like pure torture, yet I still go back….

20) I am not a cook (my soup comment from earlier will now make a LOT more sense). I’d rather channel effort into something that I get to keep (I’m also a really, really fast eater, so that could explain my frustration, haha). Hoping to improve my skills in the kitchen sometime soon, though!

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