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DIY Database

After posting my sunhat DIY awhile back (and making another one because it was so much fun), I was realizing that so many of my favorite bloggers have done their own projects and it would be useful to catalog them in one place! Here are a few DIYs I’ve come across recently:

Grace made an adorable pom pom bag, which looks great but is super simple to make!

Audrey, who did her own sequin hat DIY, has plenty of other projects up on her blog.

If you’re looking into doing a bigger project, Jackie describes how she painted her vintage vanity (she also painted the chair pink!).

Krista painted blue and white stripes on her walls (another big project!).

There are so many fun things you can do with snakeskin duct tape (I’ve tried a few of these projects in the past).

Shannon is basically the queen of DIY. I mean, look at her banana leaf headboard and shelving!

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