4 Easy Graduation Gifts

4 Easy Graduation Gifts

Umm, how is graduation season right around the corner?! This time last year, I was finishing up my final projects and was so ready to complete my master’s program (actually that’s kind of a lie. I was excited for all of the work to be done, but I was getting so sad to leave!). Whether you’re graduating from college or from your millionth master’s program (seriously, a girl in my cohort was on her third master’s degree and was planning to go to law school next…talk about a lot of school), small graduation gifts are always fun (and who says you can’t just go ahead and treat yourself?). Here are some of my favorites…

1. The cutest grocery tote (seriously, these are a must in DC or anywhere else with a bag tax). It’s sassy but also durable and much more fun to use than that reusable bag from the bank or doctor’s office.

2. This would be super cute for a high school grad and is much nicer than typical dorm room posters.

3. A print featuring her future/former city or college town is always a nice personalized gift. I love having little pieces of artwork from everywhere I’ve lived (NYC, Philly, and DC) and this Rifle Paper NYC print is a classic!

4. This tote is actually perfect and is a not-so-subtle reminder to visit home more often!

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