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Easy Ways to Redecorate

Easy Ways to Redecorate

I keep hearing about other bloggers who have the decorating bug, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I am the same way. As much fun as it would be to start over with a blank slate every now and then, it just isn’t feasible! I’ve found that when I have the urge to redecorate, there are still plenty of ways to do so without spending a ton of time or money. Here are a few of my tips…

1) Swap out your art. I have a huge gallery wall above my couch, and this makes it super easy to mix things up from time to time. No need to buy new frames–just toss a new print if you’re looking to change a room’s theme or color scheme. Prints can be super affordable if you download them yourself or repurpose greeting cards, wallpaper samples, and the like. Redecorating has never been so easy!

2) Move your furniture around. This Instagram quote is entirely applicable to my life. I move things around wayyyy too frequently but always end up loving what I do. Yes, it can be hard to move/lift heavy items by myself, especially when living in a small apartment, but I’ve become quite skilled 😉 The key is to remove heavy items or even take out drawers when possible and to be careful so as not to scratch or dent a piece of furniture while lifting it (or sliding it, as is the case for me sometimes) across the room.

3) Add a new accessory. Small items like lamps and area rugs can really pack a punch without costing too much or taking up too much room. If you love chinoiserie, look for a ginger jar-like lamp, or if you’re trying to create a modern living area, opt for one of these (or you can mix styles like I did above!). You’ll be surprised at how much something small like this can transform a room! Or maybe a new comforter or a set of throw pillows will give your bedroom a completely new look.

4) Clean, clean, clean. Maybe you don’t really need to redecorate at all! Tossing/selling/organizing unwanted or bulky items can really change a room or apartment for the better. I recently re-organized my shoes in my front closet and it’s so much cleaner in there. And here I thought I needed some fancy storage system! I also bought an under-bed bag from HomeGoods that has been a game changer (anyone else store stuff under there?!). Cleaning and organizing is definitely not a “once a year” or even “once a season” activity, though. I’m constantly evaluating whether I still need things or if it’s time to take them down to the consignment shop or donation area at my office.

5) If you really want an entirely new look…Maybe moving around a few pieces of furniture just won’t cut it for you! If you simply want to start the decorating process from scratch, anyone will tell you that Pinterest is an incredible resource when it comes to identifying your style, and I completely agree. I also personally enjoy matching my style to the place in which I’m living, but that’s just something that I find fun! When looking at older buildings in Georgetown, I was definitely drawn to the “rustic glam” look. However, if I were to live in a high rise, I may opt for more modern furniture and decor. This obviously isn’t necessary, but you might be surprised how your living environment informs your decorating choices!

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