If you could name three or four of your favorite items of clothing, what would they be? For me, if I’ve had something for several years and still want wear it all the time, I know it’s a hit.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved anything patterned, so tops with any sort of print basically dominate my closet (Francesca’s is one of my favorite place to look for printed shirts, btw). But would I call these pieces classics? Nah. They experience too much wear and tear, and certain patterns go in and out of style reaaaal quick. Anyone remember the chevron craze of 2012? I basically owned everything in that pattern–pillows, storage boxes, tops…you name it!

One item that I’ve absolutely loved for the past four-plus years is my green J.Crew field jacket (and I also recently purchased the navy version on Poshmark–it’s equally adorable!). I ordered this jacket when I was a senior in college, and it’s held up amazingly throughout the years. It’s great for fall and spring alike (especially with this chilly May we’ve been having) and looks classic, preppy, and put-together. I know literally everyone and their mother owns this jacket, but it’s for good reason!

Another favorite purchase would have to be my Hunter boots. I started wearing fun patterned rainboots in high school and discovered Hunters in college. I’m not sure how “in” they are anymore, but most people I know are still wearing them. What’s great is that they’re both cute and functional, which, when it comes to shoes, can be somewhat rare.

At the risk of being overly basic, I’m also going to have to pay tribute to my navy Longchamp tote. I’ve loved Longchamps for the past 10-plus years and purchased a large bag in Navy before my junior year in college. I rotate my work bag a ton to switch things up, but I’m currently using the Longchamp and loving it. It holds a ton and is waterproof, which is key for commuting. It’s also trendy without being flashy and I don’t think Longchamps are done yet–I still see plenty of them everywhere!

Runners up? A good pair of skinny jeans will take you far, as will a good pair of running shoes. I loved my black Tory Burch flats for years but finally had to “retire” them after they became too torn up. I live in riding boots in the fall and winter, and they’re honestly perfect for work, a night at the bar, a football game, etc. Thankfully I am well stocked in that department–I just scored a new pair on major sale!

What are your faves?

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