Greetings from sunny Florida! I’m so happy to be spending a few days here before heading back to reality (aka work) on July 5. Anyone have fun plans for the 4th? I’m actually flying back that evening and may end up heading straight to a friend’s BBQ, can’t wait! Also, is anyone pumped that Younger returned this week? Season 4 looks like it’ll be a sh*tshow…let me know if you’ve watched!

On my playlist: It’s a mix of everything, as usual…one of my friends was making fun of me a few weeks back for liking Chance the Rapper, because no, I suppose his music doesn’t align with my usual aesthetic, haha. But I love Chance! Anyone else a fan?

On my nightstand: Started The Startup and am liking it so far (except that I brought it to a Nats game–don’t ask–and my water bottle spilled in my bag and got the book soaking wet…classic Sarah problems).

On my mind: 1) I was so excited to have my bar cart featured in a fun roundup on Houzz this week! Check it out here. I’ve also been stopping by tons of farmers markets throughout the city (pictured above is the market in Columbia Heights, which is open on Saturdays but also on Wednesday afternoons–so I got to go during one of my days off this week!) 2) I’ve rediscovered how much I like walking for exercise and am trying to do more of it. I get super competitive counting my steps (just on my iPhone, I don’t own a fitness tracker), and I’m always trying to reach a higher number. An activity that is a form of exercise + cuts down on transportation costs is something I can get behind! 3) Another lighthearted thing on my mind…Luke (from Gilmore Girls) is getting his own line of coffee. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out. 4) Lastly, Ashley Brooke Designs launched art prints! They’re so colorful and I may need to get the Florida one to remind me of my happy place.

On my wish list: HOW CUTE is this colorful pom pom straw tote? I’d probably use it for storage rather than as a bag, but I love it.

On the agenda: Relaxing in FL for the next few days and hoping to read a ton! My book pile is out. of. control. Also wrapping up a few freelance pieces for Houzz. I’ve profiled two awesome bloggers and their gorgeous homes and can’t wait to share the pieces once they go live!


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