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Key Entertaining Essentials

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Key Entertaining Essentials

Happy Friday! I wanted to pop in with three entertaining essentials that I’ve found extremely useful over the years (from college to apartment living, they’ve been musts!):

Small bowls: When serving snacks and dips, I honestly sometimes still use colorful plastic bowls that I bought at Target the summer before my freshman year. They’re super durable and I never have to worry about them breaking. However, if you’re looking to step up your serving ware game a bit, I’m also loving these from Anthropologie.

Lots of cups: I got two sets of plastic Lilly cups in college and still have ‘em! They’re great for when you have several people over but don’t want to resort to Solo cups. Mine have held up extremely well, are super cute (of course), and are easy to wash. I recently purchased these blue Lilly cups for my bar cart, and while they’re a different style (the plastic is thicker and they’re a bit shorter), I’ve loved using them, too!

Festive cocktail napkins: One of my favorite things to look for at HomeGoods and similar stores is festive napkins (Michaels often has adorable options, too!). At only $2.99 or so a pop, packets of napkins are a great investment and make for fun party props. I’ve seen everything from donut-themed ones to sassy sayings and more. You can never have too many (says the girl with an overflowing drawer full of printed napkins!).

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